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Oct 6 / PK

How to Embed Scratch Project on Website

This website is a wordpress blog. Currently we are putting our Scratch project on our own web server here and embedding them on the blog post pages. This is how I do it:

1. Upload the scratch applet and the associated sound files onto the wordpress “wp-content” directory.

2. I have setup wordpress to put uploaded files into the uploads directory, separated by year and month. So I will place this month’s project files into the wp-content/uploads/2010/10/ directory.

3. The actual embedding code — this is shown below. One thing to make sure is that the project files must be specified as a relative path to the code base. i.e. the project file pathname must be relative to the directory specified by the codebase attribute (which is /wp-content in this case).

<applet id="ProjectApplet" style="display:block" code="ScratchApplet" codebase="/wp-content" archive="ScratchApplet.jar" height="387" width="482"> <param name="project" value="uploads/2010/10/"> </applet>

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