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Oct 15 / PK

Week Two, slowing down!

In lesson two I did not introduce any new materials. Instead we spend some time reinforcing basic computer skills (starting, stopping, saving), and help each student finish their “all about me” first project. I put a giant spreadsheet up and let each student report/check-in as they finish each tasks. The tasks were “start up”, “(finish) Drawing”, and “(using) Blocks (to say things)”. That seems to have helped.

By the end of this lesson, almost everyone has finished some sort of “about me” project. In reality, the drawing task was the task that kept many of them finishing, especially the younger scratchers. (Mental note: Lesson three — use import sprites instead!)

I also showed a few random projects from the scratchers. That was a good motivation for next week I think.

Tip: Last week several scratchers showed me that they are missing some of the look blocks. Today I figured out that some look blocks are not available when you are looking at the stage instead of a normal sprite!

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