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Nov 17 / PK

Lesson Six: Holiday Present Maker

We are at the home stretch of the end of the first trimester. With four weeks left it is time for a larger scale project that we can show off what we have learnt. Going with a holiday theme I found a present maker project on that I adapted.

Key New Concepts

This is a complicated project. I am introducing several key and more difficult concepts:

  1. broadcast — have one sprite communicating with another sprite will open up a new level of ability, but this will be a difficult concept for the young scratchers to comprehend, or so I thought
  2. multiple costume — I thought this is a medium difficulty concept. Turns out this concept is actually equally hard, compare to broadcast. I tried using a “different T shirt” metaphor.

Lesson Plan

  1. Show the example project.
  2. Explain the concept of multiple costumes, taking the present aparts — the fact that there are three sprints each with at least three costumes each
  3. Explain the concept of broadcast
  4. Work on drawing the present sprites with costumes — show switching the costumes, with the “next costumes” block
  5. Work on drawing the buttons
  6. Put in the scripts and test out the broacasts


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