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Nov 3 / PK

Lesson Four: Maze Games

Continuing on last week’s “who moved my plane” project, we are going to take the cue from some of the scratchers last week, and build a maze game. It is actually as simple as:

  1. drawing a maze background (how to use the stage), and
  2. doing a collision detection script that check for touching a color — hopefully the color of the maze wall

Most sratchers got it right away. One very cool variation a scratcher did was to move a basketball into a basketball hoop (which is one of the standard background image). Using the same technique, the scratcher test for touching the hoop and said “score” !


I always want to add some extra challenges to the basic project so that the more advanced scratchers have something more to create. I showed them a different version of the maze game, where the main sprite moves constantly, and the keyboard scripts will just change direction. This makes for a more realistic “game” as one does not have to keep pressing the keys to move the sprite. (The mouse in the kitchen version).

The extra challenge part of this week’s project is then to figure out how to do it. Since they know how to make the mouse move constantly already, it is a matter of combining that concept with the keyboard response/action concept.

For the really advanced Scratchers, I also introduced the concept of adding another sprite to chase the mouse, preparing for next week’s lesson.

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