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Nov 10 / PK

Lesson Five: Cat and Mouse Game

We are getting a lot of mileage out of these movement blocks. The scratchers seems to really enjoy them. So for the “final” week on movement blocks, I showed them a cat chasing the mouse game. By introducing the “point towards” block, I gave them a hint as to now to make something pointing towards, and perhaps chasing after, another sprite that they are controlling.

I was hoping that someone will figure out how to change the simple “point towards” script into a “point towards, then move” script. Only a few of the more advanced scratchers managed to do that with a little bit of suggestion. I was a little disappointed, but it also reinforce the difficulty in understanding the script is a set of direction for the sprite. It is somewhat independent of the scratcher. I have a feeling that is a hard concept to grasp. i.e. the scratcher cannot either put themselves in the shoes of the sprite, or to truly “program” the sprite as an object.

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