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Jan 22 / PK

A Birthday Card

G made this card for his grand dad’s birthday.

Press the Green Flag to start the project again. When you blow on the computer’s mic, the candle is suppose to go out. But it will not work when view on the web unfortunately. It has to be on a local machine.

Jan 13 / PK

Showing off our Students’ Work

In December I attended an educator workshop at the ScratchEd group at the Media Lab. It was attended by educators in the area from different schools and different grades. Chatting with many other teachers, they think that our kids did pretty well for a group of elementary students! I showed the audience some of our projects and was captured in their video documentary. Check out the video! You will see some of our projects at around the 8 minute mark. The rest of the video is very interesting too as it talks about how Scratch is used in different settings and different grade levels, all the way up to college.

Jan 5 / PK

Lesson seven: Doodling in Scratch

We restarted our Scratch Club after the holidays. Completely changing direction, this lesson we are doing to do “classic logo turtle” type of project.


I was a little surprised that the Scratchers got into this project. I thought the classic pen down/move/pen up Logo programming is too simple compare to all the other things Scratch can do. However they really liked it, and got quite excited with their original and remixed creations.


This is a video of some of the students work:

Jan 2 / PK

How to add Comments to a Scratch Script

It is always good to document your program! Just right click (or ctrl-click on Mac) on an empty area of the script window and choose “add comment”. You can type in a note to yourself or any reader of your project.

Dec 2 / PK

Helpful Documentation

There are several useful web pages containing documentation: